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The professional window film technicians at Sierra's Window Tinting can handle all of your residential window tinting needs with precision. Our experience and great customer service has kept us the leading residential window tinting company in Central NJ for almost 10 years.


We all love natural light pouring into our homes. In fact, most modern homes today are designed for this feature. However, depending on the window or window film, you may have additional elements entering your home that aren’t as welcomed.


For example:

  • Harmful UV rays that can have a negative impact on your health.

  • The same UV Rays permanently fade the fabric of your furniture and can even cause artwork to fade over time.

  • What about the annoying glare on your TV or computer that makes it impossible to enjoy a good movie or surf the web.


In regards to the effects of increased heat build up in your home?

  • Poor windows allow excessive heat to enter through the glass causing the air condition to run longer and cycle more often.

  • Increased heat results in increased energy usage to cool the house.

  • Increased energy usage results in higher energy bills and an increase in green house gas emissions.

Do you recognize any of these problems? You don’t have to live with them. Let SWT use their high quality window films to upgrade the comfort level of your home and eliminate the nuisances that come with untreated windows.

When you choose SWT you choose superior window tinting specialists, excellent customer service and almost 10 years of experience tinting residential homes. Why choose anyone else? Contact Sierra's Window Tinting to schedule an appointment or get a quote today!

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